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Dubai mainland consists of a region within the emirate of Dubai, subject to the laws and regulations of both the Dubai government and the UAE federal government. Dubai is a vibrant city that includes the bustling central business districts, thriving commercial areas, diverse residential neighbourhoods, and dynamic industrial zones.

Businesses on the mainland of Dubai are subject to the standard laws and regulations of the United Arab Emirates, as opposed to the free zones. Businesses established in Dubai mainland are subject to UAE commercial laws, which cover company ownership, taxation, and licencing.

Establishing a business in Dubai mainland provides companies with the opportunity to operate and trade directly in the local market, engaging in commercial activities within the UAE and internationally. Companies operating in Dubai mainland can tap into the vast UAE market and conduct business in a wide range of sectors without being bound by the regulations that apply to free zones. The Dubai mainland provides a business-friendly atmosphere that prioritises efficiency in company registration, licencing, and regulatory compliance.


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Business Benefits Unveiled

Thriving Economy

Dubai offers a robust, diversified economy.

Talented Workforce

Access to skilled professionals from around globe.

100% Ownership

Full business ownership for foreign investors guaranteed.

Ease of Access

Well-connected global hub with excellent transport.

Regulatory Support

Strong governmental support for business regulations.

Tax Incentives

Attractive tax benefits for businesses in Dubai.

Business Networking

Extensive opportunities for professional business networking.

Innovative Ecosystem

A dynamic environment fostering business innovation.

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Our Co-Working Space

Setting up our business in Dubai Mainland has been transformative. The strategic location, excellent infrastructure, and regulatory support have allowed us to expand efficiently. The talented workforce and generous tax incentives have driven our success. Dubai's vibrant economy and innovative ecosystem provide the perfect environment for growth and networking.
Sarah Oliver
Manager, Global Ventures Ltd.